Grinding and finishing
in 1 step

The innovative concept of the RCD ensures fast material removal and high-quality finishing. The disc combines a state-of-the-art abrasive cloth with a new generation of “surface conditioning” material. This ensures fast material removal with cool operation, thereby resulting in uniform finishing.

3 operations in 1 

Where previously a skilled grinder had to perform at least 3 operations, now even an inexperienced user can get the job done in just one step. You only need one action to grind away a stainless steel weld seam and finish it off flawlessly. 

The result? Enormous cost and time savings, and an improved finish. 

Do you want to save material and labour costs without compromising on a perfect finish? If so, CIBO has the solution: our revolutionary and iconic RCD disc!


  • If you work quickly, the coarsest grit may create excessively deep grooves. 
  • There is always a chance of grinding in. 
  • The corner can become too rounded, you are sanding facets.
  • If you keep sanding too long, you generate heat. 
  • If you want to work too fast, and accordingly choose an excessively coarse grit, you run the risk of removing too much material. 
  • To fix this, you have to skilfully try to restore the geometry or do some re-welding.  Which again takes extra time. 
  • This working method requires experience and a lot of skill to get a good result. 

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The solution

To cope with all these risks, CIBO designed a unique solution. An innovative grinding wheel that simplifies grinding and finishing into one single motion.  

With the RCD-disc you can not only grind away a stainless steel weld seam in a single operation, but also give it a neat finish.

The two complementary sanding materials ensure a brilliant result for which you only need a single operation. 

A perfect match 

  • A perfect match between 2 technically advanced abrasive materials with varying abrasive capacities
  • Surface conditioning with a very rapid and even grinding capacity
  • Polycotton extra flexible abrasive cloth with grinding aid
  • Even wear of both the surface conditioning and the abrasive cloth
  • Low vibration


  • Controlled material removal
  • Improved finish, even for inexperienced users
  • Even finish
  • Consistent and low Ra-value
  • Lower heat generation: longer life, better finish
  • Enormous time savings, only one operation instead of three
  • Significant cost savings
  • Forgiving: less outfall
  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications: stainless steel, aluminium, special alloys, soft metals, wood, auto repair, etc.
  • Eco-friendly because less waste is created


  • finishing light WELD SEAMS
  • FINISHING angles and toothing
  • improving the SURFACE ROUGHNESS
  • BREAKING edges
  • grinding down CASTING ERRORS
  • removing MILLING LINES
  • HOMOGENISING surfaces
  • preparation for POLISHING
  • removing WELDING SPATTER
  • light DEBURRING  

What makes RCD so unique?

The unique combination of two sanding materials with different properties makes the RCD disc a product where 1+1 = more than 2.   

The RCD consists of POLYCOTTON ABRASIVE CLOTHES. This makes it extra flexible, but powerful due to the addition of active abrasive elements.    

In addition, the SURFACE CONDITIONING and the abrasive clothes ensure even abrasion. This results in resilience and a shock absorbing effect when sanding. Precision work and comfort guaranteed!   

All our discs are produced in Belgium and meet the highest quality standards.  

Risk-free testing!?

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We are so firmly convinced that these discs are the solution for you, that we are provisionally offering a MONEYBACK WARRANTY IF NOT SATISFIED*. 

Take advantage of this offer today. 

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