Enhanced Metal Finishing for Orthopedic Implants and Surgical Instruments

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Enhanced Metal Finishing for Orthopedic Implants and Surgical Instruments

As surgeries and implant procedures get more advanced, so are the finish-related quality standards for orthopedic implants and surgical instruments. As a result, manufacturers now search for a partner with unique expertise in sanding and finishing, and moreover with products that can save both time and costs. This is where Cibo Abrasives, an abrasives manufacturer, comes in with a complete production facility focused on producing products specially designed for orthopedic manufacturing applications.



Cibo Abrasives focuses on producing unitized products for the finishing of titanium, stainless steel and other special alloys. These are mainly used for the finishing of surgical instruments, and all sorts of implants such as, knee-hip joints, spine discs, hooks, screws, plates etc. Their unitized wheels have the lowest lifetime cost, the highest finishing quality, and an unparalleled cut rate. Because of the special production process, these wheels create less heat on the workpiece and provide optimal comfort for the operator at the same time.

Eliminate red tape in the decision-making process

As a family-owned company, Cibo Abrasives has been in the abrasives industry for almost 75 years, giving it an edge over most competitors. Its extensive expertise forms the backbone of the benefits they bring to their products and their customers. The organization is also horizontally structured which eliminates red tape in the decision-making process. There’s a direct communication line between the head office in Belgium, the production facility, and the sales & local warehouse in the US. This ensures a quick response to customer inquiries and minimum lead times.

The Rebel One unitized products from Cibo Abrasives are quickly becoming a preferred grinding wheel in various medical manufacturing processes for finishing titanium, stainless steel and other special alloys with the finest detail. As mentioned, the different unitized production process of Cibo Abrasives translates into reduced heat on the workpiece and in more comfort for the operators. The Rebel One unitized material is part of the most recent 3D abrasives.

Entirely free of solvents and animal derivatives

An important factor for Cibo’s growth in the medical industry is the fact that all their wheels are entirely free of solvents and animal derivatives. During the creation of conventional wheels, the evaporation of solvents results in smog formation, adversely affecting the ozone layer and posing a risk to human health. To overcome this problem, ingredients of synthetic, mineral, and vegetal origin are used to create the unitized abrasives.


Challenges faced by orthopedic manufacturers are solved by catering to their demands and adapting to their production process. Cibo Abrasives is bringing a sustainable change to the industry with its eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective finishing products.

One of the many companies that Cibo worked with stated that using its wheel cut their costs in half, saving them 50 percent without sacrificing quality.

“The lifetime gains were mainly the result of the fact that our wheels are easy to redress. Definitely when grinding on titanium a black crust forms on the wheels after a certain amount of time. Operators always must remove that crust before they can start grinding again. It’s in that process that they can gain a lot of lifetime with our products, just because of the fact that the wheels open up easily while redressing,” says Nicolas Decraemer, Business Development Manager at Cibo Abrasives.

S-line Cibo orthopedic

Cibo Abrasives equips the evolving orthopedic industry with the finishing capabilities it needs. While many established businesses remain relatively stagnant in their innovation journeys, Cibo focuses on continually improving the quality and longevity of its products. In its quest to write success stories, Cibo Abrasives is steadily pursuing its objective of elevating the best-finishing products for the orthopedic industry in all its upcoming endeavors.

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