Straight to the finish with Combi unitized!

Straight to the finish with Combi unitized!

Straight to the finish with Combi unitized!

The best way to finish an inside corner

Quick, easy, and error-proof removal of a weld seam in an inside corner and finishing to perfection. Who would not want that in times when the requirements for a better finish are constantly increasing? Thanks to Combi unitized, imagination has become reality.

Rebel One Combi unitized is a unique and patented combination of two specific unitized discs. The hard core ensures flawless grinding of the weld, while the soft sides of the flexible disc create the very best finish. In other words, the ideal disc for rapid, easy and risk free finishing of a stainless steel inside corner to the last detail.


Comfortable sanding without risk is always good, but this is not the only ace up the sleeve of this revolutionary Cibo innovation. By bringing together two sanding steps together in one and the same disc, the work can obviously be completed a lot faster. There's no need to change discs anymore. While you previously required two discs for the perfect weld, with the Combi unitized, you only need one.

all advantages at a glance

  • The extremely forgiving construction of the disc with flexible sides allows you to sand without risks and defects
  • One-step finishing: one disc does the work of two so there is no requirement to change discs, which means you can work up to 30% faster
  • You always have 100% control during sanding
  • Combi unitized discs sand cooler than the more traditional abrasive materials
  • Combi unitized is always guaranteed to provide a uniform finish.


In short, an unprecedented combination of advantages united in one sanding disc, and all this for both experienced and occasional users. The ideal Combi unitized disc can be found for any project or for anyone's personal preference. Rebel One Combi unitized is available in three versions. GA7 maintains a perfect balance between machine power and finishing. For extra fine finishing, you can use the GA6 version; GA8 offers faster stock removal.

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