Rebel One

Do you want to work faster, safer and more comfortable? With Cibo's next generation unitized abrasives all of this can be achieved easily. You will get better results on the finishing of your stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, in less time, with very limited risk on grinding errors and with more comfort.

What is unitized?

Unitized is made of a 3D web of nylon threads, impregnated with resin, to which abrasive grains are added. This is then pressed into plates of a specific density.


Unitized or pressed abrasive materials are the latest generation in 3D abrasive materials. Pressed abrasive materials are a great help when traditional materials would otherwise require considerable time and effort to achieve a quality finish. Indeed, they stand out in the way they combine an aggressive action with an outstanding finish.

Why choose Unitized?


When using unitized you can give components a particular finish, without affecting the geometry of the work piece or grinding down the sinking. This means that there will be no impact on your critical tolerances.



The grinding action is cooler than “coated” and “bonded” abrasive materials, meaning there is less chance of deforming or discolouring the work piece.



Unitized achieves a uniform, consistent and replicable finish.

Why choose Cibo?


+20 years of expertise 

We at Cibo have been using unitized abrasive materials for more than 20 years, and are therefore well established as pioneers in this field. We have therefore acquired unprecedented expertise in this field, and hold the top position in the market.


manufactured in Belgium 

In view of our expertise, we have all the required skills in-house to develop top quality products for professional use. To ensure quality assurance day after day, we insist that our production should take place in-house. Made in Belgium!


Customisation in unitized 

The advantage of having our own production department is that we can supply customized unitized products both in terms of assembly, color as well as shape. This is part of the Cibo corporate philosophy, where flexibility and expertise go hand in hand.


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